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With an increased number of data storage options, floppy drive is disappearing at a quick speed. Due to its small storage space, short lifetime and fast development of several other options of data transfer, it is losing out on its significance in IT sector. It was only after years of research, that the suitable solution, famously known as floppy to USB emulator was designed. These floppy drive substitutes are specially designed for a large number of computerized devices in different industries, which are still equipped with floppy drives for all kind of data inputting and transferring. Among an extensive range of industries that still depend only on floppy drives, include textile, robotics, music industry and many others. With growing popularity of floppy to USB solutions, we have developed GoTek emulator, which will give an appropriate data transferring solution to the industrial users, who are still dependent on no other option, but the same old floppy drives.

With our best inventions, we have finished up with launching appropriate solution in the form of GoTek Emulator for easiest data transferring solution. Our designed floppy to USB emulators are available in different sizes, including 1.44 MB, 720 KB double density floppy disk to USB emulator, 1.2 MB floppy to USB upgrade with 34 pin interface; 1.44 MB floppy to USB emulator with 26 pin interface.

We have manufactured different versions of floppy to USB emulators keeping in mind the needs of the industry. These floppy to USB emulators have been designed so smartly that they use same traditional floppy drive 34 pin channels and same +5 volts DC voltage. The size of these floppy to USB emulators was also kept same, so that it can fit into same place. These emulators have practically started the end of and old era related to floppy drives.

Different Versions Offered:

  • 1.44 MB floppy to USB converter , 34 pin Interface
  • 720 KB   Double Density floppy disk to USB emulator, 34 pin Interface
  • 1.2  MB  floppy to USB upgrade, 34 pin Interface
  • 1.44 MB floppy to USB converter , 26 pin Interface

These were specially fabricated and designed keeping in view the large number of customers of various fields who were still dependent on only floppy drives. These were customers from fields related to

1. CNC machines ( Electronica, Sodick , Seib and Meyer)
2. Plastic Molding Machines
3. Robotics industry  ( ABB / Kuka robots )
4. Textiles industry   ( Bonas, Grosse , Staubli )
5. Embroidery machines ( Tajima, ZSK , SWF , Lasser , Saurer, Brother, Barudan )
6. Wire Cutting  ( Electronic etc)
7. Diamond Cutting
8. Music Industry (Yamaha Musical Keyboards and synthesizers , Korg , Roland, Tritron, Kerton etc)